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It will surely not be an overstatement if I say that the college fests are the most enjoyable times in our campus lives. With a gamut of activities, competitions and events, these fests present us with the opportunity to gain exposure and grow in tandem with the needs and trends of our times. Fests are all around us. Towards the middle of an academic year, Fests start to pop up and students flock to other campuses, engaging in a war of wits and talents. Speaking of campuses,  IIT Delhi cultural fests are some of the major events the students are looking forward to the year. IIT Delhi is undoubtedly one of the best institutions in our nation. Located in Hauz Khas in South Delhi, it is one of the oldest and prestigious IITs of India. To know more about the campus, visit the official home page of IIT Delhi here.

Woh kehte hain na, agar IIT Delhi ke fests nahin attend kiye, toh kya kiya.

IIT Delhi fests have gained a spectacular reputation for themselves. The campus is the hub of student activity and fests that every student community all around the nation have an eye on. And no one likes to miss out on anything, especially the famous fests of IIT Delhi. Well, we are a generation bothered by FOMO and there is no denying that. But do not worry, we have got you covered and we have done your research for you. This article gives you a comprehensive view on the upcoming fests at IIT Delhi. So skim through the blog and keep your eye on the calendar.  


  • Rendezvous 2022

Unfurl the past, unleash the future! We yearn to revisit the excitement, exhilaration, and angelic ringing of thousands of voices in the midst of chaos. Forgot the world of daily-routine problems and jump into a celestial bliss. We bring to you an Elysian paradise, the dwelling of blissful souls and eternal artists that transcends through time. Let us take you through a heavenly affair of euphoria filled with intoxicating evenings and divine experiences. Explore the cosmic realm of pleasure like never before. Revel in an everlasting glow and bask in empyrean beauty. This is your chance to create memories for a lifetime and immortalize your youth at its zenith.

Rendezvous is one of the most well-known college fests that has gained a lot of attention and acclaim. Do not let the name fool you. It is anything but a secret meeting. It is a huge cultural festival with over 160,000 students from various colleges. Conducted by the BRCA (Board for Recreational & Creative Activities), IIT Delhi, it holds a lot of events and competitions connecting across colleges and an all-around participation from nearby cities and states. Some of the major events that have captured the attentions and have become some of the many events that students look forward to are:-

  1. Ms. and Mr. RDV
  2. Fashion Show
  3. Rap Battle
  4. Beat-Boxing

The 4 day extravaganza is not limited to these events. There are a variety of competitions, workshops and talk sessions organized by the respective cultural clubs of IIT Delhi.

Visit the Instagram Handle at: @rendezvous.iitd

The pronates at IIT Delhi have a reputation of their own and offer a golden chance to let loose and soak up all the fun. Rendezvous also invites the presence of  B town celebrities like  Anushka Sharma, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Piyush Mishra.

Watch the official theme release video here: An Elysian Affair.

An unofficial glimpse into Rendezvous: Watch the video here

The fun and the celebration are not just limited to the inside of the campus. IIT Delhi sets up informal stages on the streets to attract and engage with the passers-bys. To know more about the fest, visit the official website of Rendezvous at https://rendezvousiitd.com/. 

  • SporTech 

SporTech is a 3 day sports themes intercollegiate fest that has a participation of over 50 colleges and a crowd of over 35,000. It holds events that are formed over 15 disciplines and all for the culmination of the final, most coveted Sportech trophy.

Visit the official site of Sportstech at: https://www.sportech-iitd.in/ 

This year’s theme was ‘Parakram-The Journey Within’ , which is a nod to every person’s unique and special story of being a sportsman. The fest starts with the famous and much cheered on cross-campus marathon and concludes with BSA night.

Visit the official instagram page of of Sportstech at: @Sportstech

The social theme is Khelon ka Mela and with over 2,500 participants it might as well be the most anticipated inter collegiate sports fest. ‘Mela’  is this year’s flagship event  that combines games, food, fun, and fervor for a memorable three days at IIT Delhi.

Visit the official Linkedin site of Sportstech at: https://in.linkedin.com/in/sportech-iit-delhi-5767711a0 

Do not miss Sportstech, One of the largest sports fests among the IITs of India.

For more information regarding the Fest, head on to: UnStop-Dare2Compete

  • Speranza

Usually conducted during the spring semester, Speranza encourages the students to attain their full potential and growth by engaging in productive activities and leading a positive lifestyle. Speranza was initiated by the Board of Student Welfare to  commemorate IIT Delhi's 50th anniversary.

Visit the official site of Speranza at: https://bsw.iitd.ac.in/speranza/

The fest prepares the students to tackle their life after university as it shows them a glimpse of what the real world is like and which field is best suited for them to specialize. It facilitates this by providing a chance to meet with alumni and startup corporates, where students interact with prestigious alumni and entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences, various talk shows, featuring  eminent personalities in popular media and technical seminars. 

Visit Speranza’s official Instagram handle- @Speranza 

Speranza is not just about work, it is about fun too. There are other activities like  a bonfire accompanied by music and dancing, discussions on sex education, fire drills and an education orientation that helps the students know which field that they should specialise in and which career would be their best suit. 

Thus just like the name suggests, Speranza - meaning “Hope” in Italian aims in bringing hope to students' life and future by aiming a their holistic development. 

Watch the highlights of Speranza on YouTube here.

IIT Delhi fests are many and merry. These fests are one of the many reasons why IIT Delhi is the most sought after IIT Campus in India. Even if you are not a student there, make it a point to visit these fests and participate in them. It is never a loss, but only a sweet memory that you will carry with you. 

 IIT Delhi fests are the best place to have fun and sharpen your skills by competing with like minds. It is no secret that College fests are an amazing opportunity to meet new students, widen your horizon and gain exposure. IIT Delhi offers just the right combination of work and play that will benefit your college years and give you something to always cherish.



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