IIT Delhi vs DTU: What’s better? The never-ending battle

When it comes to college selection, everyone has that one dream University they want to go to, the one which makes us say “Yaar bas yahan miljaye admission fir life set hai”. For many that University is outside of Delhi or even India and for others, it’s here. Some want to go to MIT, Stanford, or Cornell & and others want to go to Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi, or Delhi Technological University.   

Out of ten IITs in India, the one which gravitates the greatest number of students is the one in Delhi. IIT and DTU are two of the universities for which students start preparing years earlier hoping to get into their dream universities, their “yahan hi Jana hai” University.  


The Dilemma 

Not only the selection of the university but the process of admission, to having to make decisions from your course or having to update your wardrobe to your liking and adapt into a more appropriate one for the next chapter of your life. Some guiding hand, a senior for instance, or an internet post may help you make such decisions.


If you’re a science student you would have wondered once in your life whether you wanted to choose IIT or DTU for spending the next few years of your life. And wondered how to make the right choice of choosing the university and wondered once what is the  best university for you.  

Given the fact that both of the universities are on the top of lists for a variety of students to pick from some questions about college are bound to arise like- 


  • Which is better, IIT Delhi or DTU? 
  • What is the difference between IIT Delhi and DTU? Or are these 2 universities same?
  • What NOT to wear in college? 
  • Is there a dress- code? 
  • How to dress up for colleges? 
  • What fashion trends should you look out for? 
  • Are there any extracurricular activities? 
  • What are the fests and college life like? 
  • Selection of college after 12th ? 
  • Selection of college after graduation? 



Well, here are a few facts and elements to keep in mind before picking between the two heavy hitters of the competition. IIT and DTU have produced some of the greatest minds of the world – Sundar Pichai ( Google CEO), Raghuram Rajan ( former RBI governor) Kiran Bedi and many more, on Durjoy Datta (writer), Sushant Singh Rajput, and many more artists and great minds alike.  

Now how do you choose between these two esteemed universities? Let's look at which is better? IIT DELHI OR DTU.



The campus for IIT Delhi is spread across 320 acres of space. The campus is surrounded by Hauz Khas village, and different monuments like the Qutub Minar and lotus temple, so the students can explore the neighboring area while being a few minutes away from the campus itself. Talking about the future, now whether you've applied for a graduate degree or a postgraduate one, one thing that is for sure is that IIT Delhi will give the students a good opportunity when it comes to not only courses that they provide but also placements, the top recruiters are -

  • Microsoft 
  • IBM 
  • MasterCard 
  • Uber  
  • Barclays  

And many more successful companies.


Now onto fashion, IIT Delhi has no such uniforms unless it’s for lab usage. So, explore your inner fashionista and wear clothes that are trending, and what you’re comfortable in, whether it’s a pair of baggy wide-legged jeans and a crop top, or some merchandise that you bought for your college or personal use, or a salwar kameez. As to fashion, there are no rules, and you can explore your fashion style and make a statement. 

The fashion game of IIT is a complete mix-bag, at one place you'll see students that look like they're straight out of a KJO film or an H&M ad, and on the other side of the spectrum we have students who will be seen wearing clothes that do not match the current trend but are incredibly trustworthy and comfortable, one could never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a graphic t-shirt. 


The campus of DTU is spread across 164 acres of main campus and 2.06 acres of campus in East Delhi. The campus is in Rohini, so the students have ample things to do around the campus for the students and make the most of their college life and would not have to travel additional hours to have fun. Now, talking about the future, whether you want to pursue an undergraduate or a post-graduate programme from DTU, the university offers a variety of different opportunities and placements, the top recruiters are-


  • Microsoft 
  • Amazon 
  • Samsung 
  • Google 
  • HP 



Just like IIT Delhi, DTU is not shying away from organizing fests, these fests include a sports fest, a literary one, a tech fest, and the Engifest, which is DTUs’ cultural fest, which is just as acclaimed and just as popular as Rendezvous (organized by IIT Delhi) 


Now about the fashion department, just like IIT Delhi, DTU does not follow any dress code as well, which means you can wear any merch you want to. Piece of clothing you want, whether it's repping a custom-made shirt, hoodie, or something from a marvel franchise, you can express yourself how you want to in clothing.  

The only difference in the fashion of students in IIT Delhi and DTU is that the students of DTU, enjoy playing it safe and casual when compared to the students of IIT Delhi. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that both of these universities see a variety of students bringing in their A-Game when it comes to fashion.


In either of these colleges, there are no rules or what's the right way to dress or not, so one can be free to wear clothes that they feel show who they are and their personality and play bold or even play it safe.

Whether it be men's fashion or women's, these colleges are as liberal in it as it gets, which is one of the appealing qualities of the universities apart from their repertoire.



Talking about DTU, a review from alumni stated that “it was the best decision he had ever taken because this college has a lot of opportunities for the students. Being in Delhi, the social life in this college is awesome…”

and when I talked to an IITian about their review they said that “there are various things to like about the university like their placements, their infrastructure, and faculty, their cultural fests. And by the end of your college days, you’d want to talk about the university and brag”



  • IIT has more competition for the admission  into the university whereas DTU is more liberal and open for more number of students and hence is the second option for most students who pick IIT
  • It wouldn’t be the smartest thing to compare DTU with the ‘IITs’. DTU used to be one of the best colleges in India but it’s dwindling. 2 major reasons behind this could be
  • Massive increase in intake of students
  • 85% state quota.
  • Apart from Outside Delhi candidates (General) and General Delhi candidates (some branches), the quality of students studying is worse than in tier 3 colleges and private colleges

The college is still able to get good placements because of its location and the few top-quality students (namely general category and a few reserved ones) who continue to take forward the legacy of this once great college. If it has to be in the leagues of IIT, then firstly it will have to do something about reservations of Delhi state students. The peer quality is degrading year by year.



After a deep dive into this topic, whether IIT is better than DTU, it all boils down to the preference of the student, i.e. you. Whether you like the atmosphere and the student life of IIT Delhi, or DTU, is a choice you’d have to make. As can be seen, both the universities have certain plus points that make them unique and better than the other and both have some qualities that may not be up to the mark when comparing the two.

Regardless it is safe to say that both the universities will be providing their best to their students, and the campus and student life will make sure that the student itself has some extracurricular activities to keep them engaged, and have events where the student could express their hobbies or some activity they’re good at as well as having a good social life outside the university which is catered towards university kids. If you get admission in IIT Delhi or DTU, it is a great first step towards the rest of your life, and as they say “life toh set hogayi hai”.



Ananya Menon

(I'm full time into creativity, part time into content writing. Putting thoughts into words is my forte).

What happens when battle of two of the biggest universities start? Yes, here we are talking about IIT Delhi vs DTU- the two OGs. Read it & let us know which one do you like the most! Comment section is yours ;)