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T-shirt is the most important piece in anyone’s wardrobe. You can pair your t-shirt with anything and rock any look with a good t-shirt. But all you should know is how to buy a perfect t-shirt. 


Neck is the most important thing in a t-shirt. One must be very concerned about the type of neck of his t-shirt. You can choose among Crew, Polo, Henley, V-Neck available in the market today.

Crew/Round neck is the must have pattern in your wardrobe. It can go with any look. You must have a couple of solid crew neck t-shirts in your wardrobe.

Polo neck is another important pattern as it can make you look classy as well as sporty. You can pair it with joggers or denim for a outdoor look or you can pair it with blazers and pants to look classy.

V-Neck is the one pattern, all you need to very concerned about. If you are planning to buy one then examine it’s neck very carefully. You are a man and you don’t like to show your cleavage. Don’t take a deep v-neck even at free. If you’re in doubt then say no to a v-neck t-shirt.

Henley is one of the most classy pattern that you must have in your wardrobe. Check for detailing of a henley t-shirt before buying it. Closely check it’s neck pattern, number of buttons and it’s detailing very closely to get the best look.


Fitting of a t-shirt is very important. It must not be skin tight as look like hell. You should choose the perfect fitting which is fit but not skin tight. You can go for a decent for t-shirt or a loose fit t-shirt depending on your t-shirt. But as far as party look is concerned, go strictly for a perfect fit. You should consider it’s length, sleeve and shoulder seems. Length of the sleeves should be half of your forearm I case of half sleeves T-shirt and upto your wrist for a long sleeve t-shirt. Shoulder seems must also be perfect unless it is a loose fit t-shirt.


If you want your survive your t-shirt to look good and last long then you must focus on it’s material. T-shirts are available in a lot of materials. Natural, Synthetic and blend of both are three types of material available in the t-shirts. 100% Cotton and Linen are the natural fabric. Both of them are most comfortable and come with long life. Whereas Rayon, Acrylic and Spendex are synthetic fabric. All the fabrics have their own benefits, use and shortcomings. The mix of both natural and synthetic fabric are also available in the market. 


Hem is the one thing which people don’t bother about and end up buying a t-shirt which is of no use. You can go for a normal hem length of a longline hem length depending on your requirement. T-shirts also come with curved hemline and edge hemline if you want to have a street look. If you aren’t that confident about how to carry curved and edge hemline t-shirt then you better go for a normal pattern solid crew neck t-shirt and rock it with anything.


This is the one thing which you know best about yourself. Try a range of colours to find out which colours suits you best in a design. Don’t hesitate to try a lot of colours and buy your t-shirt like a pro. All we can suggest you is go for basic colours or colours in trends like earthy colours are in trend right now.

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