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Confused among thousands of t-shirts available on the market today? Don’t worry! We have done all the hard work for you. Here are the ten essential t-shirts every man must have in his wardrobe. 

Solid T-shirt

Most important fashion piece in a man’s wardrobe is a solid t-shirt. You can opt for basic colors like white, black, blue and grey as far as a solid t-shirt is concerned. You can pair solid t-shirt with literally anything. you can pair solid t-shirt with suits, blazers, jackets, shirts and whatnot. A solid t-shirt is the perfect for every occasion, all you have to emphasis is on its matching and the way you are carrying it.

Numbers to own: 3-4

Colours: Basic, Earthy and Lighter Shades of Basic Colors

Solid T-shirt by University Clothing

Longline T-shirt

The latest trend in t-shirt designs is Longline t-shirts. A longline t-shirt is the only thing that you need to make a style statement. You can pair a longline t-shirt with denim and pants. A longline t-shirt is perfect for layering look in winter season.

Number to own: 1-2

Colours: Any solid color with detailing in design

Longline T-shirt
Longline Bob Marley T-shirt by University Clothing

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic t-shirts can never be out of fashion. It shows your taste in the t-shirts. You can go for any graphic t-shirt which shows your interest, sense of humor, attitude and whatnot. There are hundreds of t-shirts on the market for your every need and taste. You can wear them according to their graphics and interests.

Number to own: At least 1

Designs: According to your interset

University Clothing Lord Shiva Navy Blue t-shirt

Logo T-shirt

The logo t-shirts are always in the trends. It shows your approach towards a brand and its fashion. You can pair it with joggers, denim and pants. But you shouldn’t have more than 2 of these t-shirts. You just can’t wear big logo t-shirts all the time.

Numbers to own: Maximum 2

Colors: Basic and Trendy Colors

Adidas Originals Logo T-shirt

Striped T-shirts

A striped t-shirt is as important as a solid one. You must have at least one striped t-shirt in your wardrobe to get a complete wardrobe. You can go for any color in combination with white color for a striped t-shirt. Pair it with blazers for a dapper look.

Numbers to own: 1-2

Colors: Any color in combination with white

Striped T-shirt
Striped T-shirt by University Clothing

Polo T-shirts

Everybody whether its a male or female must have a couple of polo t-shirt in his/her wardrobe. You can pair it with denim and sneakers/trainers for a sporty look or with pants and Oxford shoes for a classy look. 

Numbers to own: 2

Colors: Solid and Printed

Solid Polo Tee
Solid Polo T-shirt by University Clothing

Henley T-shirts

Henleys are as important as solid crew neck t-shirts. You must have a couple of solid full sleeves henleys for a complete wardrobe. You can carry it with shirts, blazers, jackets and everything. 

Numbers to own: 2

Colors: Solid and Trendy Colors

Henley T-shirt
Henley T-shirt by University Clothing

Printed T-shirts

A printed t-shirt is a perfect choice for an outdoor look. But you have to pay a lot of attention to buy a decent printed t-shirt. Try to avoid too common prints for a unique look. If you are confused about how to carry it then it’s better to not to buy any.

Numbers to own: 1

Colors: Basic & Earthy Colors

Printed t-shirt
Must have printed t-shirt

Linen T-shirts

A linen t-shirt is one of the most relaxed t-shirts. You must have one solid linen t-shirt in your wardrobe. You can carry it for a sporty, an outdoor and for a classy look.

Numbers to own: 1 or 2

Colors: Solid and Trendy Colors

Linen T-shirt
Must have Linen T-shirt

That’s all folks! 

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